Friday, December 12, 2008

I've heard back from Newsround about why the programme didn't cover Anti-bullying week (see blogs on 6 December & 23 November 2008):-

Newsround reports on bullying issues and related news stories when they arise and when they merit it. Bullying is important to Newsround's audience, but as with many other topics programme makers don't always feel obliged to cover a subject just because it has a special week attached to it. After due consideration the Newsround team decided not to focus on anti-bullying week this year. But the programme will always report on how bullying affects viewers when the right stories come up.

Another bullying related issue which I've raised with the BBC's Director of Vision is that of CBBC's Bullying message board (see blog 29 July 2008 & 16 September 2008). The problem discussed in those blogs continues.

After an outage last week several other BBC children's message boards were closed down this week.

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