Friday, December 19, 2008

The first series of Election ended yesterday with Quincy as the worthy winner. Both speakers in the final debate were self-assured, but I suspect that a lot of the voters weren't best pleased at being asked by Hazel to stand up as an attempt to draw them into her campaign. And if Hazel wants to stand as a real Member of Parliament she might try to avoid putting down different groups in society; I don't think older people will be happy to hear her idea to change the image of smoking: Put it into children's heads that it's totally uncool to smoke. And it's like an old person's habit, so it's totally uncool and like repulsive. And if that image is everywhere then hopefully it will stop children [smoking]

Like I said when this series began, it is rather like The Apprentice for kids, and I think it is a step in the right direction. But those taking part really need to be given more freedom to express themselves. This first series was not very empowering, with most aspects kept under tight control by adults.
Closing item on last Friday's Newsround at 5pm:

Sonali: Finally try and make sure that you look out of your bedroom window this evening because things could look a bit brighter than usual. If it's not too cloudy we should be able to see the biggest and brightest full moon for 15 years. You might already know that the moon goes right round the earth every month, but not in a perfect circle. So tonight it's going to be closer to us than it has been in years. Look at the difference. Scientists say it's going to look like the one on the right - 14% bigger and 30% brighter. It's called the old devil moon.

Moon apogee & perigee (2004)
I've been unable to find references to this phenomenon being called the 'old devil moon' as Sonali called it, although terms used are the 'moon before Yule' and the 'long night moon.' I came across 'Old Devil Moon' as a song title, but does anyone have a citation for its use in the above context?

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