Thursday, September 06, 2007

CBBC relaunch

After a few rough patches the CBBC relaunch is more or less complete. Some of the best features are the new CBBC continuity studio and presenter Ed Petrie with his sidekick Oucho the cactus. It would have been better for Oucho to be a gay cactus just to prove that CBBC is inclusive. But fairly early on he revealed that he's got a girlfriend.

Some of the new programmes are quite good, including Escape from Scorpion Island which was filmed in Brazil.

The screen logo can be annoying when it moves. Also I preferred the old website which was easier to navigate.

Commercial TV channels are now allowed to advertise gambling so I'm not sure about the arcade machine on CBBC's home page - it might promote the wrong idea. However the most disappointing thing about the website is the loss of permanent growing up advice for kids when the No Problem pages were removed. But fortunately they have kept the Your Life messageboard and questions are still being answered by CBBC's agony uncle. The archive contains his last ten replies to each of seven aspects of growing up.

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