Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amy's press pack report

Three weeks ago presspacker Catherine told viewers about being picked on because of her ginger hair (see blog 22 August 2007). Today we heard from presspacker Amy, 10, who used to be picked on because of her size.

Newsround BBC1 - 11 September 2007 @ 5.30 pm


Ellie: Are you worried about the way you look? Well, presspacker Amy wrote to us because she used to get upset about her body shape. But she's not letting it get her down any more. Here's her report.

(Amy, seen in a reflection from a distorting fairground mirror)

Amy: Hi, I'm Amy. I used to be really worried about the way I look. (Amy faces camera) Because I was being bullied about my body size. Some kids in my class called me names because I was bigger than them. (Screen caption: Amy used to get bullied) It made me feel really sad inside. I may not weigh the same as a stick insect but over the last year I've really changed my mind about my shape. When I was in Year 3 and 4 I didn't have any friends, but now I do. (Amy is seen playing with friends) They've really helped me feel more confident about myself.

Amy ( to Kym, 10, on her left): When I was getting bullied you were the one I could turn to. Why did you want to be my friend?

Kym: I didn't like leaving you somewhere and getting picked on and upset.

Amy (to Peggy, 10, on her right): And do you think it would be better if I was thinner?

Peggy: Not really because you're not exactly the same if you were to be thinner would you - it would be weird.

Amy: Lots of people think that if you're a bit bigger you just sit around eating junk food all day. That's not true. (Amy is seen preparing a fruit salad) I love cooking. I always eat lots of fruit and veg and other healthy stuff. (Screen caption: She eats lots of good stuff) I keep really active too. (in karate class) I've been doing karate for a year now. Doing exercise makes me feel really good about myself. If people call me names now it wouldn't bother me because I like the way I look. This is Amy reporting for Newsround in Suffolk.


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