Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Strangers on a train

Have you ever been on a train journey and thought you recognised someone sitting a few feet away? On Thursday 20 July I felt sure that it was Ian Prince, editor of Newsround, sitting opposite on the Carlisle to London train.

Newsround, that same day included a report about beekeeping by two brothers - David and Daniel. It was probably the report mentioned by Ian Prince in his blog on 1 July, about working with children and animals.

I ought to apologise to Mr Prince because when I began my blog late last year I thought that he was the person to blame for all the discrimination on Newsround.

Now I can see that Mr Prince is just one small cog in a big homophobic machine. He's just following the BBC's Section 28 policy. It's surprising how many BBC staff - gay and straight - are content to simply obey orders without question.

Stonewall's new "You don't have to be homophobic to work here, but it helps!" poster campaign on London Underground trains seems so relevant for BBC staff. Stonewall should extend the campaign to include trains between London and Carlisle.

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