Saturday, July 29, 2006

New guidance to help stamp out cyberbullying has been published by the government - and it made the number 1 story on Tuesday's Newsround programme.

Ellie: It's a big problem and it's getting worse. Whether it's by email, text or message boards cyberbullying is making many of your lives a misery. Today the government says it wants it to stop, and has sent out new guidelines to schools. (Cyberbullying report by Laura followed)

The guidance is currently on the DfES website.

Funny how Newsround has always managed to miss bullying stories which are more specifically to do with homophobic bullying. Like in November 2004 when 'Stand Up For Us' was published, last year when they ignored a huge petition to Jacqui Smith, and again this summer when the new 'Spell it Out' DVD was launched.

In a few months the government is due to announce important guidance for dealing with homophobic bullying in schools. Will it be reported by Newsround?

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