Friday, June 23, 2017

Fans of Newsround Blog, if any, will have noticed there are far fewer entries now than in the past. But one CBBC Newsround story today grabbed our attention: the school in Exeter where boys decided to protest by wearing skirts rather than trousers during the recent heatwave. They'd been told that the school uniform policy meant they couldn't wear shorts.

A few years ago no boy would be seen dead wearing a skirt, but the boys who protested at Isca Academy were sensible enough to realise that there's no more reason for boys to not wear skirts than girls not to wear trousers. They understand that what you wear and what you look like doesn't alter who you REALLY are, whether that's a male (boy/man) or a female (girl/woman). And that's a lesson a lot of adults still need to learn.

Following the protest the school has relented and will allow shorts to be worn in future.

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