Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Notes for parents of gender nonconforming kids -

Sometimes children prefer toys or clothes typically associated with the opposite gender (for example girls who prefer to wear trousers and who shun anything in pink)

Lately the media have devoted a disproportionate amount of airtime to transgender stories.

Transgender logic is inconsistent and makes little sense -

In the CBBC documentary "I am Leo" kids are told there are two genders. But on a CBBC webpage for "Just a Girl" (2016) kids are informed that they may feel like they are somewhere inbetween: "sometimes a person born a girl might feel that they are male, or not fully a girl or boy."

Both of those BBC children's programmes suggest hormone blockers are needed for 'transgender' kids, and it's shocking that they're promoting the 'born in the wrong body' post-truth nonsense to vulnerable children as young as six years old.

The credits on a related BBC Radio 4 series, also called "Just a Girl," indicate that Susie Green from an organization called Mermaids helped with the production.

So what do we know about Mermaids? Actually quite a lot, but not much good can be said of the charity, despite the fact that it keeps winning awards.

The current CEO of Mermaids is Susie Green. Ms Green originally became convinced her 4 year old son was really her daughter after hearing that God had made a mistake.

Some years ago Ms Green circumvented UK regulations by sending her child - who had just turned 16 - to Thailand for "sex change" surgery well before the operations would have been allowed in Britain. I've asked the NSPCC whether it's acceptable to get round British laws intended to protect children.

Clinics, such as the Tavistock in London, which frequently deal with children's gender issues find that a substantial number of gender non conforming kids eventually desist, many to later identify as LGB. Despite this fact, at the time of writing the main three webpages on Mermaids' site don't even mention the words lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Mermaids does not like to be questioned or criticised, and frequently shuts down any kind of debate by blocking parents on social media.

Trans organizations such as Mermaids thrive by exaggerating the prevalence of "trans" children, and suggesting that those children are at a high risk of suicide. But recently Mermaids got caught out misrepresenting the contents of this survey, belatedly claiming it was down to human error.

The group also tried to deceive some of the ticket holders to another seminar a few weeks earlier.

Parents of gender nonconforming kids are advised to steer well clear of trans activist organizations. But in case you're still not convinced, it's worth adding that Mermaids supports a mother who caused her 7 year old son emotional harm by bringing him up as a girl.

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