Saturday, September 17, 2016

An exhibition in the Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum called "Who am I?" featured briefly in CBBC's controversial "I am Leo" documentary. That programme, despite concerns to the BBC about its scientific accuracy, was repeated for the umpteenth time today.

Amongst the Science Museum exhibits you will find a packer, a chest binder and some testosterone patches - paraphernalia used by some people to help disguise what they believe are their "awful" bodies.

Who am I? - "Packer" and other items on display

For those unfamiliar with this topic, a 'packer' is a plastic penis-shaped object, designed to give the impression that the wearer has male genitalia. A 'chest binder' is used to flatten female breasts in an attempt to mimic the male body outline. Testosterone often has the effect of lowering the pitch of a human voice and promoting the growth of facial hair etc.

Following criticism the Science Museum has recently blogged that changes will be made.

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