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Newsround report this morning about shootings in Orlando.

Ayshah introducing CBBC Newsround on 13th June 2013 at 7.40am

Transcript (7.40am) -

Ayshah Tull: Good Morning, I'm Ayshah. First, to sad news from Orlando in America. In the early hours of Sunday morning there were attacks there. I've been following all the news.

(Recorded report)

Ayshah: Cities across America have been laying flowers and candles, to show people in Orlando that they care. It's because of attacks that happened there in a night club in the early hours of Sunday morning. Sadly 50 people died, and 53 others were injured. The man responsible for the attack was shot by police before he could do more harm. Many of the victims were gay people. The American President, Barack Obama has spoken out against what has happened.

President Obama: We know enough to say that this was an act of terror, and an act of hate. And as Americans we are united in grief and outrage and in resolve to defend our people.

Ayshah: We don't know exactly why the attack happened, but it could have been the result of hatred towards gay people. The police are still investigating. And in the City of Orlando people are trying to come to terms with the attacks.

Laura Bicker: As the investigation continues there are several words that sums up this community - shock, outrage, fear, but there is also unity. This is a city trying to make sense of the senseless, and they're doing it in their own way.

Ayshah: Hundreds have queued for hours to donate blood for the victims in hospital, as the community come together to show their support and do what they can to help.


Ayshah: Remember if anything you see in the news upsets you there's help and guidance online.

The 8.15am report was only slightly different.

EDIT at 5pm

The 4.20pm edition of CBBC Newsround added an extra report about homophobia -

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