Friday, September 04, 2015

From CBBC Newsround's TV bulletin at 7.40am this morning -

Leah: Taylor Swift is known for her hit songs and top videos, but her latest offering is facing some huge criticism from fans. It's all because the video for her new single, Wildest Dreams, is set in Africa, but people have complained that there are hardly any black African people in it. Taylor has not responded yet, but the director of the video has defended it saying it's supposed to reflect a certain point in history, and people of all different races were involved in putting it together. You can find out more about that story on the Newsround website ..

Also see this report in USA Today

Another interesting item on this morning's Newsround programme was Martin's report about Wheelchair Rugby.

Newsround Blog is still waiting for the details of diversity portrayal on BBC children's TV.

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