Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Email sent yesterday morning to the BBC's Anne Bulford, Managing Director, Finance and Operations -

Dear Ms Bulford,

One of the findings of the 'Respect at Work' Review, published in May 2013, was evidence of inappropriate behaviour/bullying. Dinah Rose stated that some individuals are seen as being “untouchable” due to their perceived value to the BBC.

The BBC spent over £300,000 on the Review, so it's rather disappointing that there's been no sign of any genuine intention to change. Jeremy Clarkson's attack on Oisin Tymon was clearly unacceptable, and a responsible organisation would not welcome him back. But within hours of a police announcement that no action would be taken, the BBC reported Clarkson would host Have I Got News For You on 24th April.

Clarkson, himself, reflected on the position and realised that an appearance on TV at such an early stage might be seen as a slight against Mr Tymon, and therefore would not be appropriate. It beggars belief that the BBC didn't get that.

I am still awaiting a reply to my email of 30th March 2015 in relation to what amounts to a fraudulent expense claim by one of your senior managers.

Yours sincerely,

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