Saturday, November 08, 2014

Anyone wanting to be the next Director of BBC Children's only has until 25th November to apply for the job. The current Director, Joe Godwin, has often described being in charge of the BBC children's department as "the best job in the world," so why would anyone voluntarily relinquish that position in favour of what is likely to be a boring and dull desk job as head of the BBC Academy?

What qualities will the BBC be looking for in their next Director of BBC Children's?

I imagine they would want someone who is prepared to discuss ideas with colleagues and the public and not be too bossy or secretive. But equally important will be a willingness to move with the times and accept the full diversity of the audience - not just some aspects of diversity. At the present time, it might also be advisable to look for a person who does not have a long history working for the corporation.

Director of Children's - job application at BBC's Career Search website

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