Wednesday, January 01, 2014

There can be few regular viewers to CBBC Newsround who aren't aware of Nelson Mandela's enormous legacy to the world. Four years ago Ore Oduba was sent out to South Africa to set the scene for that country hosting World Cup 2010. His reports informed viewers about the shameful way black people had been treated under the apartheid regime.

Nelson Mandela's recent death and funeral received a great deal of coverage by the BBC. Newsround's Ricky Boleto was just one of the well over a hundred BBC employees dispatched to South Africa to help report on Mandela's legacy. In Mandela's Children Ricky says that for children of all ages Mandela is seen as a true hero.

One fact not widely known in Britain is that South Africa is one of the few countries whose constitution (section 9) specifically bans discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. A result of that equality is that same sex marriage has been legal there for a number of years.

From Mandela's Children -

Ricky: The people of South Africa are about to say their final goodbye to Nelson Mandela - a man who changed their country and the world for the better. But as Nelson Mandela, himself, once said The true character of society can be revealed in the way it treats its children. ...

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