Thursday, October 31, 2013

BBC School Report (part 2)

The BBC is asking schools to sign up for School Report. According to their teacher resources "Truth and accuracy" are two of the BBC's most important news values.

Most people are probably aware that it's illegal to discriminate in the UK on grounds of race, gender, disability and sexual orientation etc. But what they may not know is that the BBC has a number of exemptions from UK laws, including some relating to discrimination, as well as to freedom of information enquiries.

The BBC takes full advantage of its privileges.

As we know, BBC children's TV does not portray LGBT kids or serve LGBT diversity. So why not get your school to take part in order to highlight CBBC's anti-gay discrimination and its reluctance to deal with homophobia and homophobic bullying.

Why aren't there young gay characters on any CBBC drama? The Dumping Ground kids, for example, whether they're black, white, Asian, or disabled are nevertheless always (as far as we know) straight.

Go on, speak to CBBC presenters, speak to Newsround's editor Daniel Clarke, and speak to 'big cheese' Joe Godwin to see what they've got to say for themselves.

"I want this story blown wide open"

Of course, whether the BBC will co-operate with any such investigation is a completely different matter. There's nothing the BBC dislikes more than scrutiny.

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