Thursday, August 15, 2013

Repeats are a regular part of CBBC schedules, but if the BBC want to keep repeating the spy-themed civil partnership episode of Marring Mum & Dad they will soon need to edit the script where Naomi Wilkinson says "... the time has come to make things official by organising a civil partnership - the ceremony that two men or two women have in place of a wedding." (see previous blog)

Old episodes of Sadie J are still being shown - today it was the last episode with Kit before he went away to Brazil. Right at the end he's on a beach in South America chatting via a remarkably clear and fast Skype link to Sadie and Dede. He introduces them to his two new BFFs, Sadelia and Dedania.

Kit (centre) with his two new Brazilian BFFs

It looks like CBBC bosses decided that poor Kit would never find love.

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