Saturday, July 27, 2013

Free & Equal

A Childwise survey for Newsround suggests the London 2012 Games really have inspired more children to play sport. Amongst the survey findings were that the Paralympics, televised mainly on Channel 4, were "more inspiring" for kids than the Olympics.

Martin Dougan was one of Channel 4's commentators for the Paralympics, and this February he started making reports for CBBC's Newsround. Martin actually presented Newsround for the first time this morning. He tweeted that he was very nervous, but as you can see from many of his reports, his campaigning style shows an obvious determination to change attitudes and improve lives.

Who better then than Martin to report on the homophobic prejudice faced by kids at school? And with yesterday's start of the UN Free & Equal initiative, Newsround surely can't ignore the issue any longer.

Note: English subtitles available by clicking on the 'captions' button

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