Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Newsround is running a competition to dream up inventions that solve everyday problems. The competition was announced a few days ago, but they're still seeking more applicants. Here's the ending of Newsround's second bulletin this morning.

The results of a public vote of the most important past and future British innovations were announced on Monday. The Universal Turing Machine was voted top past innovation. Alan Turing's work, dating from 1936, helped break the German WWII Enigma code, and was instrumental in the development of modern computers

Yet despite the significance of Turing's work, and the fact that he was a British genius, it seems that bosses at CBBC don't want kids to know about him. In fact Newsround viewers could be forgiven for believing computers were invented by Steve Jobs. He's frequently been talked about on CBBC. Here we can see a him mentioned in a Newsround report about sand sculptures.

Alan Turing was never once mentioned by CBBC during the his centenary year - 2012. And Newsround ignored the top British Innovation vote, instead choosing to concentrate on the Top 10 rubbish inventions!

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