Sunday, March 03, 2013

Bosses at the BBC Children's department believe their audience should be protected from words such as lesbian and gay. Although The Dumping Ground was cited as an example of LGB portrayal (see blog on 2nd January 2013) - I believe it was not quoted as a sign of diversity and inclusiveness, but rather as a warning to prejudiced parents that their kids should be barred from watching the programme. Other BBC children's programmes are "safe" and parents can rest assured that their kids will not hear "gay" in an affirmative sense.

Not sure about this, but my guess is that the percentage of BBC staff who identify as LGB is slightly higher than you would expect in the general population of Britain {5% according to a ComRes survey in January (pdf)}

Some at BBC Children's are LGBT. In fact, a few years ago, I was rebuked by one such person who wrongly thought I had suggested the department was homophobic. In a lengthy email to me he wrote "As a gay man I take exception to your suggestion of homophobia on my part and your questioning of my sincerity – as well as that of my CBBC colleagues, many of whom are members of the LGBT community."

Today marks exactly one year since Cardinal Keith O'Brien wrote a piece for the Telegraph in which he condemned plans to "redefine marriage." O'Brien may not be homophobic, but the vituperative language in that article shows him to be a blatant hypocrite.

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