Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Telling the truth

Most people will probably recall that the BBC was in a great deal of trouble last year. Newsround did a report about some of the problems which led to the resignation of George Entwistle. And the report included a clip of Professor Jean Seaton talking about the role of the Corporation and its journalists. Professor Seaton is Director of The Orwell Prize, and is the BBC's historian.

Professor Seaton said "Telling the truth is very hard, strenuous work. And that's what we have the BBC to do. And on this one occasion it's failed. It can make it better, it can remedy that, but it's undoubtedly failed. (cut) But it's a serious thing because it breached its relationship with you, its audience."

Professor Jean Seaton talks to Newsround viewers - 12th November 2012

So what is meant by "the truth" and what did Professor Seaton mean when she said that telling the truth is "very hard strenuous work?"

Look at this Newsround report about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Is the report fair? Or are we, instead, seeing a partial view? Are we seeing the truth about the Pope?

I will ask Professor Seaton for her opinion.

Newsround's guide to the Pope
What's been the reaction to the Pope's resignation?

To be continued ...

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