Friday, February 01, 2013

Not long now till the start of the Kidscreen Summit in New York. I imagine that some delegates will be busy with their packing even as this blog goes live. Though exactly why it's necessary for virtually the whole of BBC Children's - well all the top brass at any rate - to attend the Summit is something of a mystery. Maybe they like the plush surroundings of the New York Hilton? Or perhaps they're all desperately trying to glean a few clues on how to improve British children's TV? Who knows. But whatever the reason, I think this is going to cost TV licence-fee-payers quite a lot of money. Especially if the Big Cheese spends anything like the £409.27p he spent on a taxi fare in Canada a few years ago.

If these regular trips abroad aren't curbed I might have to ask the BBC if they've ever carried out a Cost-Benefit analysis.

Off to the USA. Mission: To create unforgettable content
to inspire all children across the UK

Rather than bother with children's media conferences around the world, why can't bosses simply stay HERE and have a meeting about ways to make children's TV relevant AND inclusive. It's not exactly rocket science, after all.

Happy LGBT History Month

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