Tuesday, February 26, 2013

After a fortnight of extolling Pope Benedict XVI and everything he stands for, there was a slight hiccup yesterday when Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigned and Newsround was finally forced to admit that all is not well within the Roman Catholic Church.

It all began on Monday 11th February 2013 when Benedict XVI announced his intention to resign. Newsround wasted no time in putting together a series of reports and webpages praising the life and work of the Pope, and ignoring the fact that Ratzinger is probably loved and loathed in equal measure. The Catholic religion, after all, has done little to diminish prejudice and discrimination against certain groups, especially LGBT people. The Pope may even have made things worse. But where is the objectivity in, say, this webpage? Or in this TV report?

Ricky Boleto - Newsround 11th February 2013

As so often, Newsround has been feeding kids half-truths. And that brings me back to my blog on 12th February: Telling the truth. I'm still waiting to hear back from Professor Jean Seaton but, to be honest, I'm not too hopeful.

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