Thursday, January 03, 2013

I contacted the Corporation on 11th December 2012 to ask about any diversity advances in children's programmes.

My email -
A few days ago the Member of Parliament for Monmouth, David Davies, said he believed "most parents would prefer their children not to be gay." 
Whether or not David Davies is right, the prevalence of prejudiced attitudes on the part of parents is quite troubling. So I was wondering what BBC Children's is doing to help kids feel OK about themselves, no matter what their sexual orientation.
Please could you advise of any recent CBBC drama series, or any in the pipeline, which actually include lesbian, gay, or bisexual portrayal as part of an inclusive approach? I believe that, in the past, such portrayal was considered appropriate by the BBC.

The BBC did not respond to the part of my enquiry about helping kids feel good about themselves but I was told about one programme - The Dumping Ground - which, the BBC said, "features a same-sex couple that would like to foster one of the young residents. The drama allows the characters to debate the topic and address the prejudices surrounding the issue."

However, it now seems the characters do more than just debate the topic and address the prejudices. According to the Media Centre website "Johnny and Elektra come to blows about whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt."

So what we really have here is a children's TV programme, scripted by adults, with at least one young person championing the prejudices of bigots.

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