Saturday, November 10, 2012

As mentioned in my previous blog, the lead story on Thursday's Newsround at 5pm was about the Archbishop of Canterbury. Leah said that the Archbishop of Canterbury is one of the most important figures in Britain, and head of the Anglican Church, "which is one of the world's fastest growing religions." Viewers were told that the Archbishop's job is really high-profile, and that "what the Archbishop says and thinks about issues, matters."

Report from Thursday's TV bulletin (BBC One - 5pm) about the new Archbishop of Canterbury

The only Newsround TV bulletin to mention the new appointment was on Friday at 3.15pm in the afternoon (2nd story) -

Joe: Now we told you about this yesterday. The Prime Minister joked it was one of the worst-kept secrets of the year. But this morning it was made official. This man, the Right Reverend Justin Welby, will be the new Archbishop of Canterbury. He'll become the most senior person in the Church of England in a special ceremony in March next year, taking over from Dr Rowan Williams. And today he said it would be a challenge to follow in his predecessor's footsteps.

Justin Welby (video clip): To be nominated to this post is both astonishing and exciting. It's something I never expected, And the last few weeks have been a rather strange experience, to put it mildly.

Newsround web guide to the Archbishop of Canterbury

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