Friday, October 19, 2012

Today is Spirit Day, marking the victims of homophobia. Anyone can show solidarity with the principle of tolerance and mutual respect by wearing the colour purple.

Despite several promises of change, BBC children's TV continues to apply a different standard of 'editorial judgement' to anti-gay discrimination than it does to news about discrimination based other types of prejudice.

In September Newsround reported about four Christians who allege they are being discriminated against. Two of those people want to be granted the legal right to discriminate against lesbian and gay couples, though that would not have been obvious to anyone who saw the Newsround reports.

Yesterday a gay couple, who were turned away from a 'Christian' Bed-and-Breakfast, won their case of discrimination and will receive £3,600 damages. But that case went unreported by Newsround.

Nick Griffin, of the racist and homophobic BNP, was annoyed about the judgement. He tweeted the gay couple's address, and suggested that a 'British Justice team' would arrive at the address. Griffin's Twitter account was temporarily suspended and the tweet with the gay couple's address has now been removed.

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