Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Presidential race is well underway in the United States - a fact which hasn't gone unnoticed on CBBC's Newsround. But despite 'gay marriage' being a major debating point in the US, Newsround has yet to report any LGBT equality differences between Obama's Democrats and Romney's Republicans.

Had Newsround's omission been a one-off it could be written off as an oversight. Truth to tell, though, the failure to report on gay equality is part of a pattern which - on this issue at least - suggests CBBC bosses are in tune with the more homophobic Republican party policy.

Let's look at some of the evidence -

a} No recent children's dramas with LGBT characters.

b} Until this year, Newsround had not reported on gay rights/equality/discrimination stories.

c} Obama's TV landmark interview in May, when he announced support for marriage equality was not reported by Newsround.

d} No mention of Alan Turing's life/work on CBBC during this centenary year.

e} Last Tuesday's Newsround report about the four Christians taking their cases to the European Court (see previous blog) brushed aside the fact that two of them are actually seeking the right to legally discriminate against others.

f} Worldwide anti-LGBT discrimination, for example in Uganda or Russia, never reported.

g} Homophobia and homophobic bullying yet to be specifically addressed by Newsround, or by any 'Newsround Special' to date.

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