Thursday, August 16, 2012

Newsround report earlier today (5pm on BBC One)

During the Olympics, athletes who won gold medals each got one of these - their own stamp. But until today Paralympians weren't going to get the same special treatment. Royal Mail had said it wouldn't paint postboxes gold, or create stamps for the athletes, but now they've changed their minds. So it looks like we could be seeing a few more of these [gold postboxes] before the end of the summer.

There were a couple of slight errors in Newsround's report, the main one being that Royal Mail agreed to paint the postboxes gold some days ago.

ParalympicsGB tweet at 7pm on 7th August 2012 -

Note the tweet includes a link to this press release.

But slightly later that same evening, at 8.32pm, ParalympicsGB tweeted a link to a further press release, which now mentioned "a gold post box in the home town of every gold medallist."

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