Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marrying Mum and Dad is a new reality series, in which children are given a budget of up to £10,000 to plan their parents' wedding day. The series of ten programmes will be aired over the next two weeks, beginning this Monday at 9.30am on the CBBC channel. Applications to participate in the series ended on 29th February.

The Daily Telegraph, in an article dated 18th February, said that the BBC wants to see parents who are cohabiting, those remarrying after divorce, and even homosexual couples taking part, to “reflect modern Britain”

Only last month, Mark Thompson, said the BBC's commitment to portray lesbian, gay and bisexual life in this country was not an afterthought, but a central concern. He said "we have an obligation to serve every section of society fairly and impartially and sensitively."

Now, if the BBC really did want "homosexual couples" to apply to take part, why did they choose a such a discriminatory title for the series? Since when did requiring two mums to pose as a mum and a dad become fair, impartial and sensitive treatment?

You will not be surprised to learn that there no "homosexual couples" took part in the series.

Marrying Mum and Dad - Episodes 1-5

Marrying Mum and Dad - Episodes 6-10

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