Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Andrew Hammond talked to the BBC about Royal Mail stamps last Thursday (previous blog) But it seems the Royal Mail and the BBC wanted to ensure as many people as possible know about the Olympic stamps, so Mr Hammond was interviewed yesterday after the Andy Murray gold medal victory on Sunday.

As in last week's interview, Mr Hammond had provided the BBC with blow-ups of the stamp -

Ben Brown shows us the Andy Murray stamp (6th August 2012)

Ben Brown: Just tell us about what you're doing for Andy Murray. Not only the stamp, but also the postbox in Dunblane where he comes from.

Andrew Hammond: Absolutely. The stamp is actually on sale today. We printed overnight and distributed, so ...

Ben Brown: So it's on sale already?

Andrew Hammond: On sale already.

Ben Brown: Gosh.

Andrew Hammond: From about 12 o'clock in Post Offices, including Dunblane. And then we're also painting a gold post box in Dunblane itself. So the team are out, busy at work. That should be done today. Four coats of gold paint to make it extra special.

Ben Brown: And you're doing this for every gold medallist?

Andrew Hammond: Every gold medalist in Team GB, absolutely. We just thought it was a great way to ...

Andrew Hammond in the Olympic studio (6th August 2012)

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