Thursday, June 07, 2012

BBC Director of Children's, Joe Godwin, will shortly jet off to the Banff World Media Festival. He's scheduled to appear at a session on Tuesday afternoon - Top Kids Broadcasters: Open For Business.

Of course, this won't be Mr Godwin's first visit to a media festival.

Taking a look at the breathtaking views in Banff, it comes as no surprise that the Director of Children's thinks he's got the best job in the world.

Whether Joe Godwin's excursions are value for the public's money is still unclear, despite a Freedom of Information enquiry last year. Also unclear is how British kids benefit from Mr Godwin's visits to all these mediafests.

One thing we do know is that, so far, the media sector has proved deeply averse to genuine equality. A diverse-friendly BBC would undoubtedly help in the fight against homophobia and homophobic bullying. An unfortunate and shameful missed opportunity came in a session about heroes and superheroes at last year's Kidscreen Summit, where the idea of having a gay hero/superhero was never even mentioned. And later that year BBC children's TV broadcast a series about the young Leonardo da Vinci, in which Leonardo's romantic proclivities were misrepresented to bolster heteronormativity.

There are, however, some positive signs on the horizon.

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