Saturday, April 28, 2012

News of Lady Gaga was carried on most of yesterday's Newsround bulletins, including the ones at 7.40am, 8.15am and 3.20pm, as well as on the website.

From the 5pm programme on BBC One

Leah: Music news now, and Lady Gaga's kicked off her world tour in controversial style this afternoon ..

Joe: This is the star arriving in South Korea for the first leg of her 'Born This Way' tour. But authorities there have banned anyone under the age of 18 from going to watch the show, because they think her act isn't suitable for kids.

Newsround failed to give any detailed reasons why the Korean authorities thought Lady Gaga's concert was unsuitable for kids. However this report from the BBC News channel is more helpful.

To date, Newsround has never mentioned Lady Gaga's support for LGBT youth, nor her considerable efforts in the fight against homophobic bullying.

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