Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are foodbanks and charities the answer to child poverty? Yes they are. Or so it may have seemed to anyone watching Newsround on Tuesday.

Hayley spoke to two families affected by poverty. In the studio, Graham Whitham, from the End Child Poverty coalition, talked about the problems for some families, and summed up by saying there are lots of charities up and down the country helping people who are struggling to get by.

Newsround ended the story with a reply from the Government:

Leah: The BBC has spoken to the Government about the problem and they've said they are trying their best to tackle child poverty in Britain. Ore's got more details.

Ore: Yeah that's right, Leah. So they've promised to help those families who are struggling, by cutting or freezing some taxes and giving them more free childcare. They also say changes they're making to the benefits system will mean 3 million households will soon be better off. ...

Unfortunately Newsround did not report the views of the Office of the Children's Commissioner, nor those of the Children's Society regarding changes to the welfare system.

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