Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cerrie Burnell is a presenter for CBeebies, so it was a surprise to see her answering questions on Sunday's CBBC Newsround, in what Leah called "a festive" When I Was 10, as questions put to Cerrie were mainly about Christmas. Cerrie has most of her right arm missing and, perhaps coincidentally, it is currently UK Disability History Month (22nd November - 22nd December)

When Cerrie first appeared on CBeebies some parents complained that their kids were frightened by her. In fact, young children are usually more curious than frightened, and responsible parents would have taken the opportunity to carefully explain that not all people are the same, but that we are all entitled to equal respect.

Considering the theme of this year's UKDHM is Celebrating Our Struggle for Equality, it was a pity that Cerrie wasn't asked what it was like for her at school with a disability, and how she was treated by other kids.

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