Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It seems I'm not alone in criticising of the BBC's poor coverage of minority sports. In January Newsround Blog questioned why they took the decision to do away with Sportsround, and replace it with MOTD Kickabout.

To add insult to injury, MOTD Kickabout lingered on through the summer, filling its time with pointless nonsense such as spoof holiday postcards from famous footy players. MOTD Kickabout is dire, and should make way for a return of Sportsround, or a similar programme responsibly dealing with a variety of sports.

Football is a favourite topic for Newsround. This morning, for example, there was the news about Carlos Tevez's intention to sue boss Mancini. But Newsround is, once again, late with controversial news involving John Terry - so far there has been no mention of the racism row involving the England captain and Anton Ferdinand. And the other footy racism row between Suarez and Evra has also been given a miss.

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