Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The first item on Newsround at 5pm last night was about the Rugby World Cup. They began with a brief summary of the weekend matches. And then this:-

Sonali: .. When it comes to England, what's been going on off the pitch has been creating more of a stir than what they've been doing on it.

Sonali: Ever since the England team touched down in New Zealand they've been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Within hours of playing their first game vice-captain Mike Tindall got into trouble for having a big night out in a bar. Then two coaches were suspended for illegally trying to switch balls during the game, before a Jonny Wilkinson kick. And now James Haskell, Dylan Hartley and Chris Ashton have been told off for being rude to hotel staff. It's something that's got the England manager very angry. He wants his players to be better role models. ...

Towards the end of her report, Sonali commented: "Playing for your country is such an honour, you'd think teams wouldn't dare do anything wrong."

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