Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Slammer is a BBC children's programme set in a prison. Four variety acts compete for applause at the end of the show, and the act which gets the loudest acclamation from the audience of kids is allowed to go free. The other three acts have to remain in prison and dine on regular meals of sloppy-ploppy porridge.

The last act on yesterday's programme (first shown in 2008) was a boyband called 3 Pin Socket. Following their performance of Lost in Misery, one of the prison officers, Mr Burgess, asked kids if they enjoyed it. Here's what happened when Mr Burgess questioned a young girl in the audience. Note: the girl's face was mostly shown in close-up.

CBBC - The Slammer
Mr Burgess: Lost in Misery. I know I was - listening to that. What about you, miss?

Girl: I really liked the drum player, cos he's really cool.

Mr Burgess: Have you got a bit of a crush on him, miss?

Girl smiles, looking embarrassed

Mr Burgess: Did you like him?

Girl giggles

Mr Burgess: Did you think he was a bit nice?

Girl laughs slightly

Mr Burgess: Did you, miss? You can tell me. There's nobody else listening you know.

Girl smiles, embarrassed and lost for words

Mr Burgess: Did you, miss?

Girl: I really liked the music

Mr Burgess: Would you like to release him?

Girl: I'd like to release him

Mr Burgess: Yes, then you could meet him and have a cup of tea.

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