Monday, August 08, 2011

The second night of trouble on London streets made the lede story on Newsround this morning at 7.38am. Oddly, though, Newsround deceived viewers on the reported ages of some of those involved.

Ricky: One hundred people were arrested last night. It's been reported that children as young as ten years old took part in the violence.

In fact it had been reported some hours earlier by Rhodri Phillips in The Sun that children aged seven had been involved. David Akinsanya, a well-known journalist, was a witness at the scene of the rioting in Tottenham.

Apparently Cher Lloyd topped the music charts last night.

Ricky: Cher Lloyd has proved to the nation that she's still got a bit of Swagger Jagger almost a year after finishing fourth in The X Factor. The 18 year old has scored her first Number 1 with this tune. Yeah - it is Swagger Jagger. It knocked JLS off the top spot. Cher celebrated with fans outside Radio 1's headquarters in London.

So, no mention of her earlier celebrations at G.A.Y then.

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