Saturday, August 06, 2011

Olympic champion sprinter, Shelly-Ann Fraser was the guest celebrity on Newsround's When I was 10. Shelly-Ann was running against other top athletes, including Carmelita Jeter, in London this afternoon.

Presenter Joe Tidy told Newsround viewers that Shelly-Ann had popped into Caribbean food company, Grace Foods, to talk about what she was like at the age of 10.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce on Newsround 6 August 2011
Shelly-Ann talks to Newsround

One of the questions which often used be put to guests, but is now only very rarely asked, was Did you fancy anyone at school?

Shelly-Ann: Ah yes I did.(laughs) I fancied this guy in my class. I was like nine, and he was my height. And I wanted to march with him at our graduation and I was actually asking people to go behind me so I could be next to him.

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