Thursday, June 16, 2011

Match of the Day Kickabout

It's not quite clear why the BBC has refused to give details of their fantasy football scoring rules. I first requested details on the same day the Leaderboard was mentioned on Match of the Day Kickabout on 29th January 2011. Just over a month later, after some reminders, I received a simple explanation which suggested that the scores are compiled taking each player's total from the Official Premier League Fantasy Football figures. I was invited to write back if I had any further questions.

I did have a couple more questions, about the teams chosen and the scoring. The BBC then asked, in deferential terms, why I wanted to know. I explained that I wasn't particularly familiar with fantasy football and wanted to be able to check out how the scores are worked out. I mentioned in my reply that the Leaderboard scores had been used to back up an assertion made on the programme (29th January) that Ore was "rubbish at fantasy football."

The BBC responded that they do not adhere to official Premier League game rules. The BBC also defended the remark about Ore, claiming that "Under our editorial guidelines we would not be able to state that as fact if that was not the case." Their email ended with a refusal to answer any more questions.

After considerable persistence I was able to get some more details, but this time their response contradicted what I'd already been told regarding scoring methods. A few days later I received another email which basically closed down any further discussion of the issue.

More about MOTD Kickabout in my next blog.

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