Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heroes and Superheroes - continued

CBBC's new 13 part historical drama, Leonardo, paints the young Leonardo da Vinci in glowing terms. The series, which was shot in South Africa, is set in 15th century Florence, and stars Jonathan Bailey as the eponymous superhero. It follows the adventures of a teenage Leonardo and his friends.

Historical accuracy is not one of the strengths of the new drama series. In the first episode, for example, we see Leonardo riding a remarkably modern-looking bicycle, which he had supposedly invented and initially termed a velocerotor.

According to a BBC press release the drama series is full of mystery, adventure and an unfolding love story.

Will that love affair be between Leonardo and Lisa? Probably yes. But if there were to be any attempt at a story true to history, we'd be more likely to see a romance develop between Leonardo and one of his mates.

It's about time the people in charge of CBBC grew up and faced the reality of the world as it is and always has been.

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