Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Newsround reporter Ricky says he's applied for tickets to the London Olympics. He's hoping to go to the swimming semi-finals and the closing ceremony.

On the 3.25pm bulletin this afternoon Newsround reported on the London Olympics countdown clock -

Ricky: And to add to the excitement, this clock has been unveiled in Trafalgar Square in London. It'll be counting down the minutes and days to the opening ceremony next year.

What Ricky didn't say was that the clock had broken down three hours previously. Later, at 5pm, a filmed report by Leah about the 2012 Olympics concluded with a mention of the countdown clock -

Leah: And just in case you were wondering how long it is till the London Olympics, they've got this massive clock in London's Trafalgar Square to remind everyone. They've covered all bases.

Back in the studio Leah and Ricky look at each other (see screenshot below)

Ricky looking apprehensively at Leah
Leah and Ricky on Newsround

Leah: Ooohhh dear. Not quite all bases .. (Ricky shakes his head in agreement)

Leah: .. because since I was there, the clock's actually broken

Ricky: (shocked at just hearing the news from Leah) Nooooo ... it hasn't!

Leah: But I'm sure someone will get there soon to fix it

Ricky: Hopefully. Right, now we asked some of you what you think about the Olympics ....

Yesterday's Newsround included Sonali's explanation of nuclear power. Taken together with Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe series, it really does look like the BBC is dumbing down science at the moment.

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