Friday, March 11, 2011

If ever there was a missed opportunity to make a real advance for kids, Newsround has achieved just that. Pressacker Hannah, accompanied by Newsround reporter, Hayley, went to meet Health Minister Anne Milton to ask why the government wasn't intending to introduce a ban on adults smoking in cars when children are present.

Leah: Now guys listen, last week we told you about a group of kids who were so fed up with adults smoking around children in cars they wanted to get it banned.

Ore: You got in touch, and loads of you agree. So, with the help of presspacker Hannah, Newsround took some of your thoughts to the top to get some answers.

video clip Hayley: ... Research by the British Lung Foundation has shown that smoking in small places like the car is particularly dangerous to children. I've come to Westminster with Hannah, one of the campaigners, because you're going to put some questions to Anne Milton, the minister in charge, aren't you?

Hannah: Yes I am.

Hayley: What are you hoping for?

Hannah: Hopefully there should be a law made so that parents can't smoke in cars with children.

Hannah (questions the minister): We want to know if you're going to ban it.

Anne Milton MP: No we're not going to ban smoking in cars because we think that would be interfering in people's family life .....

Hannah might have pointed out that the concentration of smoke could be far higher in a car than in a workplace, yet smoking at work is banned. She might have asked why the government cares less about the health of children than they do about the 'rights' of grown ups. Hayley explained that kids were often embarrassed to ask parents to stop smoking. But the cheeky minister got away with telling Hannah and Newsround viewers that kids needed to educate their parents.

Hannah said she would carry on fighting, and hoped that making more of a noise would result in a change. This seems like an ideal topic where the UK children's commissioners could get involved. It would be nice to see them on Newsround more often.

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