Monday, January 17, 2011

Sadie J

A new comedy series called Sadie Jstarted its run on CBBC last Friday. In episode 1 Crushamondo, Sadie played by Georgia Lock is trying to ditch her past tomboyish ways and hoping to go on her first date.

Sadie has two best friends, Dede and Kit. Dede is a girl with an interest in science who used to run a 'geeky' society with Joe Taylor a few years previously, before he'd lost a lot of weight. Her other friend, Kit, is like a 14-year-old version of Boy George with interests in drama, the arts and fashion.

Sadie catches sight of the new slimline Joe in the 'Y' youth club, and instantly develops a crush on him, which isn't reciprocated. Her clumsy attempts to woo Joe only make things worse, till eventually she decides to seek advice from Dede and Kit.

Sadie tells her two friends that Joe prefers her rival 'Trog-Face' Chloe. Dede responds that all the boys at the 'Y' club fancy Chloe, though Kit disagrees. Kit offers Sadie his expertise, giving her a makeover in the belief that Joe would then be smitten and want to date Sadie J.

Meanwhile we see Sadie's younger brother Danny, and his friend Jake who apparently has a huge crush on Sadie. Danny and Jake are singing together as a karaoke band, and Jake wants to impress Sadie with his musical 'talent'

In the other main subplot, myopic mechanic Keith is trying to do without his glasses in order to impress postgirl Clare whom he rather fancies. Mayhem abounds at the MOT garage whilst Keith awaits Friday's delivery of new contact lenses.

After initial disappointment Sadie surprises herself when Joe actually accepts her offer of a date at the 'Y' Club karaoke night party. But later, at the party itself, he confesses that neither Sadie nor Chloe are really his 'type'

The episode concludes with Jake tunelessly serenading Sadie with a karaoke version of rock band Foreigner's "Waiting For A Girl Like You," to which Sadie responds to camera: 'Oh pur-leeze(!)' as the closing credits start to roll.

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