Monday, September 20, 2010

Papal visit to Britain

Newsround was enthusing about the Pope and his visit to Britain a whole day before he even touched down here (see blog dated 17 Sept 2010) The last bulletin at 6.25pm on Wednesday was the only time Newsround referred directly to children being abused by priests. The programme was introduced by Sonali, then came Hayley's filmed report from Rome, after which -

Sonali: But there are lots of people who don't agree with what the Pope stands for. Recently it's become clear that some kids who were looked after by Catholic priests were abused by them and then told not to say anything about it. The Pope did apologise earlier this year in a letter, but he's been accused of not doing enough to uncover exactly what went on. We asked one expert on religion to explain more. (Robert Pigott's explanation, as shown at 5pm)

Newsround coverage on Thursday began at 7am -

Leah: First up - the Pope arrives in Britain later for the first time in 28 years. He'll be here for a four day trip. After touching down in Edinburgh the Pope will first see the Queen. Tens of thousands of people are expected to turn out to see him, so security will be tight. He'll also be making trips to Birmingham and London.

A similar report followed at 7.25am on BBC Two, and then at 8.30am on the CBBC channel there was a report from Hayley in Scotland -

Hayley: Hi guys, yes I'm in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, because the Pope is arriving here today. Now this is the first time a pope has been to the UK in 28 years, and he will be parading down this very street behind me. Loads of preparation has gone into today already. They've already put up stages. All the streets have been cleared because thousands of people are expected to gather here. There's also massive amounts of security, including sniffer dogs. And check out this pass that I've got to wear just to be here today. But the Pope has got a jam-packed day ahead of him. First of all he's meeting the Queen. Then he's parading through the streets of Edinburgh. Then he's going over to Glasgow where he's going to give a Mass to thousands of Catholics who've come from all over the country to hear what he's got to say. And I'll be there with him live on Newsround tonight. So tune in to BBC One at 5pm where I'll have everything that the Pope's been up to today.

The two early afternoon CBBC channel bulletins on Thursday began with news about the Pope's visit. Then it was the lead Newsround story at 5pm on BBC One -

Sonali: So the Pope has landed. For the first time in almost 30 years the leader of the Catholic Church is here in Britain.

Ore: There are more than 1 billion Catholics all around the world. So everything he says and does is a big deal. Hayley's been following the Pope's trip all day. Hayles, what's happening right now?

Hayley: Guys, well the Pope has just arrived. In any minute now he's going to be getting up on that stage and giving a Mass to 65,000 people who have come here to Bellahouston Park in Glasgow. As you can see behind me, there's already music and people waving flags. Now this is all part of a big concert, in which Susan Boyle is the star of the show. And all the pictures are going to be beamed out all over the world. Now this is part of a four day event. Because after the Pope's been here he's going on to London where's he's going to meet some school children and also speak to the Prime Minister. Then he's going on to Birmingham. So it's going to be a jam-packed few days, but it all started this morning where I was with him in Edinburgh.

Hayley's video summary of day's events

Sonali: So Hayley we can see there's a lot of excitement about the trip. But some people aren't happy about his visit because, in the past, some children were treated badly by Catholic priests who were supposed to be looking after them. Has the Pope said anything about this today?

Hayley: Yes he has Sonali. Well on his flight to Scotland this morning the Pope said that he felt shocked when he found out what had been happening in secret. Now the Pope has apologised earlier this year, but today he admitted that he thought the Church hadn't done enough to protect children and stop them being put at risk. But for all these people behind me you can tell that they're celebrating, and they're just here to get a glimpse of the Pope himself.

Ore: Alright Hayley. Thank you very much.

The 6.25pm bulletin that day included Hayley's earlier video report, but afterwards there was no mention about children being "treated badly" -

Sonali: First, the Pope is holding a big open air Mass in Glasgow right now. Tens of thousands of people are in Bellahouston Park to see him. It's the first time the leader of the Catholic Church has visited Britain in almost 30 years. Hayley's been following his journey today.

Repeat of Hayley's video summary of day's events

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