Friday, August 06, 2010

Lily Allen and Joe McElderry. Apart from both being B-list celebrities what have they got in common? Well both have featured on a front page of The Sun during the last week. Lily Allen, yesterday because she's having a baby; and Joe, on Saturday, coming out as gay.

The Sun 31st July 2010 and 5th August 2010
Neither of the stories was earth-shattering, but only Lily Allen made it to Newsround. In fact it was the first item at 7am yesterday -

Ricky: Good morning. You're waking up to Newsround. Let's find out what's going on in your world. First, pop star Lily Allen is pregnant. The singer says she's expecting a baby with boyfriend Sam Cooper, and they're both delighted. Earlier this year Lily said she wanted to quit music to concentrate on having a family. The baby is due early next year.

Anyone who missed it at 7am had plenty more chances throughout the day. At 5pm Ore beamed as he announced "Lily Allen is Pregnant!" and in the later bulletins Leah offered her congratulations to the couple. No-one could be left in doubt that this was anything but good news.

But what about Joe McElderry. No comment. I think Newsround's message to kids is pretty clear.

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