Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At its best Newsround can be a good programme. Sonali's reports from Haiti a few weeks after the earthquake were an example of journalism at its best.

Today Leah brought home the situation in Northern Ireland. Leah said that people there had been used to violence, but what makes this different is that children have been involved in the riots.

Sometimes, though, it looks like Newsround is far too lax. Should a news programme allow its presenters to behave like wannabes? I don't think Newsround's audience deserve be patronised with the likes of Chad von Cheeseburger, or inane foolishness like this, this and this.

The people behind First News are due, within the next few hours, to launch an Internet channel - First TV. The initial intention is to update content once a week. Presenters are Charlie McDonnell and Emma Pollard. Will they give Newsround's presenters a run for their money?

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