Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last night Prime Minister David Cameron held a reception in the grounds of Downing Street. Mr Cameron, paying tribute to the previous government, said they had made our country a more tolerant and compassionate society. David said there were things you shouldn't have to fight for - equality and equal treatment and respect.

David Cameron: ... I think the agenda now - yes there are still legal barriers and things that we should discuss and talk about - but I think a lot of the agenda now is about culture. The truth is we'll never really tackle homophobic bullying in schools, we'll never tackle homophobic issues in the workplace just by passing laws. It's culture change and behavioural change that is needed as well ...

Mr Cameron's full speech, provided by Pink News -

David Cameron gay pride speech by pinknews

The BBC is hoping to get certain exemptions from new equality legislation, but last year, in a Memorandum to the House of Commons Equality Bill Committee, I suggested that the media is vital in setting society's norms for promoting inclusiveness and diversity.

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