Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Being a Newsround reporter's a difficult job but someone's got to do it!

That's one of today's entries in Ore's World Cup diary. Apparently he's feeling overworked after getting back from a couple of weeks in South Africa.

Strangely for a diary about the World Cup there is no reaction to the outcome of the England v Algeria match on Friday evening. Ore's last entry from South Africa was put in before the match began, and then suddenly he's writing today from the UK studio. But don't worry, says Ore, he's not forgotten that the World Cup isn't over yet. It seems he just flew back to soak up the atmosphere with fans here. And anyway the weather's better over here.

Ore spent the afternoon watching sport on TV. As he wrote at 3PM this afternoon: It's all about channel-hopping! Which channel should I watch?!?!

Whether to watch France v South Africa on ITV1 or the Mexico v Uruguay match on ITV4? And to make the decision even more difficult, there was Wimbledon on the BBC with Andy Murray playing.

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