Saturday, March 13, 2010

Newsround reports from Haiti

Sonali could well be up for an award for her Newsround reports throughout the week on the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

Last Saturday we saw Sonali preparing for the outward journey. This would have been a good time to provide viewers with a little bit more background, but we had to wait a few days before we saw a special behind-the-scenes report.

The first main report was shown at 5pm on Monday 8 March, and we experienced scenes of random destruction - Sonali said that seeing the damage up close was really shocking. Kids talked about what happened when the earthquake struck on 12 January.

In later reports we heard about how aid was being distributed. We saw kids who had been injured and needed to have limbs amputated. At the end of the week Newsround reported on efforts to rebuild Haiti.

Sonali answered children's questions in a web chat on Friday afternoon.

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