Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Chelsea's draw against Hull last night made the second story this morning on the 7.25am edition Newsround. There was no mention of John Terry's performance and hostile reception at Hull's KC Stadium:-

Leah: And in footie it was a disappointing night for League leaders, Chelsea. They drew 1-1 with struggling Hull City after a free-kick from Didier Drogba. They now lead Manchester United by 2 points, while Hull stay in the drop zone.

Later in the programme was this item:-

Leah: Next to New Zealand, and the arrival of a rare baby sea bird that's being raised by two mums. Ore's got the story.

Ore: This is the Otago Peninsula on New Zealand's South Island - one of the few places in the world where they breed this endangered sea bird called an albatross. So the arrival of a newborn is good news for conservation workers trying to protect albatross numbers. But that's not the only reason this little chick, being put in a bag so it can be weighed, is special. It's got not just one, but two mums looking after it. Two female albatrosses have paired up to care for the newborn after its dad left. They're now sharing the duties of parenthood, and for the next six months they'll take turns to guard and feed their baby.

Lyndon Perriman, ranger: The seabirds generally share all of the incubation duties and raising of the chicks, so this one's partner's out at sea. She could be several hundred kilometers away from here looking for food. Now that'll change about every two days now that they've got a young chick to feed.

Ore: It is rare for two female albatrosses to get together to raise a chick like this. But it looks like they make egg-cellent parents.

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